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Linux: Check Ram Speed and Type

How do I check RAM speed and type (line DDR or DDR2) without opening my computer? I need to purchase RAM and I need to know the exact speed and type installed. How do I find out ram information from a shell prompt? You need to use biosdecode command line utility. Dmidecode is a tool or dumping a computer’s DMI (some say …

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Looking For Content Writers and Volunteers

It is no secret that this site has not been updated on a regular basis with new articles. I believe that ServerNoobs has great potential, but we have come to realize that we need help to keep the content on this blog, fresh and up to date. So we are looking for some volunteer content writers that would like to …

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How To Setup Your Own VPN With PPTP on Debian/Ubuntu

This guide is intended for those who want to set up a PPTP VPN on OpenVZ with Debian or Ubuntu on a capable provider such as Ramnode.com. Lots of time has been spent through trial and error trying to figure it out. To verify PPP is working, run: cat /dev/ppp It should return this: cat: /dev/ppp: No such device or address …

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