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Linux: Finding and Locating files with find command part # 1

Many newcomers find it difficult use the find command at shell prompt under Linux. Find is nifty tool on remote server where UNIX admin can find out lot of information too. Find command can perform a search based on a variety of search constraints. It searches through one or more directory tree(s) of a filesystem, locating files based on some user-specified criteria. …

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Linux: Finding and locating files with find command part # 2

In the first part we talked about find command basic usage. Now let us see how to use find command (a) To gain lots of useful information about users and their files (b) Monitor and enhance the security of system using find command Finding all set user id files setuid (“suid”) and setgid are access right flags that can be assigned to …

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Linux / Unix: Sed Substitute Multiple Patterns [ Find & Replace ]

I’m using the date +’%D_%T’ to store Unix system date and time in a shell variable called $_now: _now=”$(date +’%D_%T’)” echo $_now Outputs: 01/20/12_16:10:42 I’d like to replace / and : with _. I’m aware of the following sed command: sed ‘s/\//_/g > s/:/_/g’ <<<“$_now” Outputs: 01_20_12_16_14_09 How do I specify two pattern within the same sed command to replace | and : with …

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