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I have been working with Linux based systems since 2002. I hope the article published on this site will be useful to those new to server administration.

Basic Linux Commands (Cheat Sheet)

Here are many common Linux commands that will be helpful to you, if you ever even use the command line interface in Linux. Most average users just use the graphical user interface instead which usually has many tools and front-ends to Linux common commands. This Linux tutorial on command commands will help even the average user in case X server …

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Bash Scripting Basics: Part 2 – Statements and variables

Now that we know how to create a very basic script and run them its time to get started on learning how statements and variables work. Every language has itsown way of using statements and variables, they might look slightly different when comparing one language to another, but they all have the same goal in mind. That makes bash scripting the ideal …

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5 Basic Linux SSH Client Commands

Let us review the following 5 basic command line usage of the ssh client. Identify SSH client version Login to remote host Transfer Files to/from remote host Debug SSH client connection SSH escape character usage: (Toggle SSH session, SSH session statistics etc.) 1. SSH Client Version: Sometimes it may be necessary to identify the SSH client that you are currently …

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WHM/Cpanel Increase The Size Of /tmp (/usr/tmpDSK) Partition

You may have noticed that cPanel’s default partition size for /tmp is 512 MB, which in some cases can be way too small. And sometime you probably get this report email: Drive Critical: /usr/tmpDSK (/tmp) is 100% full Although cPanel automatically deletes the unused files, the /tmp would be getting full very quickly on a busy server. The /tmp partition …

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Install nginx as reverse proxy in cPanel

The web-hosting control panel’s default web-server is Apache. cPanel/WHM doesn’t have native support on Nginx, but we can install and configure it so that it will improve the server performance. Why run Apache and Nginx together? Is there any advantage by using Nginx as reverse proxy on Cpanel? Both Apache and Nginx are powerful and effective web-servers. Apache is the topmost webserver …

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HowTo: Linux List Disk Partitions Command

How do I list all hard disk partitions under Linux operating systems? Usually, your hard disk drive divided into one or more logical disks called partitions. This division is described in the partition table found in sector 0 of the hard disk. The device is usually /dev/sda, /dev/sdb or so. A device name refers to the entire disk and the …

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Linux / UNIX – Display the permissions of a file

Q. How do I list or display the permission of a file using ssh? I don’t have GUI installed on a remote Linux computer. A.You need to use ls command with -l option. File access permissions are displayed in the first column of the output, after the character for file type. ls command List information about the FILEs. If no argument …

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