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6 Linux Crontab Command Examples

Crontab command manages the cron table that is used by the cron daemon to execute the cron jobs. This article explains the various command line options of the crontab command.   1. Tweaking Other Users Crontab using Option -u -u stands for user. This should be followed by a valid username in the system. -u option alone doesn’t do anything. …

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How to install cron (crond, crontab)

Are you looking for crontab on a new install of CentOS 5? Well if you do a custom installation and don’t select anything then it will not be installed by default. In order to install it there just needs to be one package installed. See the below commands to install and setup crontab. Use this command to install crontab, start …

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How to Change & Set the Default crontab Editor

  Most hardcore command line users and unix geeks love vi, but I prefer nano. If you want to change your default crontab editor to nano, here’s how to do this:   For a one time edit, launch the terminal and type: EDITOR=nano crontab -e If you want to set nano as your default editor in general, you use this command: export EDITOR=/usr/bin/nano …

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How to install cron (crond, crontab) in CentOS

Cron is a daemon that can be used to schedule the execution of recurring tasks according to a combination of the time, day of the month, month, day of the week, and week. This is how I install crond onto my CentOS server edition as it doesn’t seem to come preinstalled, this might not be true for other distributions and …

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