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HowTo: Flush Contents Of a Memcached Server Using Command Line

I’ve installed memcached server under Linux but it is still showing old data. How do I flush the contents of a Memcached instance / server? You can invalidate all existing cache items using the flush_all command. This command does not pause the server, as it returns immediately. It does not free up or flush memory at all, it just causes …

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Install Memcache onto cPanel running CentOS

Memcached is a service that allows entire database tables to be stored in memory, drastically speeding up queries to those tables and alleviating database load. In WordPress and W3 Total Cache, the Memcached module allows you to store all cache tables in memory. This guide can be used to set up Memcached on CentOS. Install memcached through RPM The easiest way to install …

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