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am a new CentOS Linux server user. How do I change hostname on CentOS Linux? How can I change server hostname on CentOS Linux  6?

You need to use the following commands to set or view current hostname, domain name and/or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name):

  1. dnsdomainname command : Display the system’s DNS domain name.
  2. hostname command : Show or set the system’s host name.

You also need to edit the following files for a hostname change:

  1. /etc/sysconfig/network file.
  2. /etc/hosts file.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to set/change a server hostname in CentOS Linux to “”.

Display current hostname

Type the following command:
# hostname
Sample outputs:


To display current domain name, type the following command:
# dnsdomainname
Sample outputs:

Hostname change procedure on CentOS

Open the terminal or login to the remote server using ssh client. Edit /etc/sysconfig/network file, enter:
# nano /etc/sysconfig/network
Find and modify HOSTNAME value to set to FADN such as


Save and close the file.

Edit hosts file

Edit /etc/hosts file, enter:
# nano /etc/hosts
You need to set or change the host that is set to your IP address on server. localhost server  # Added by ServerNoobs

Save and close the file.

Set hostname manually without rebooting the box

Type the following command:
# hostname

Restart the CentOS networking and other services (if any)

You need to restart the networking service on CentOS Linux, enter:
# service network restart
# /etc/init.d/network restart

Verify new hostnames

Simply type the following commands:
# hostname
# dnsdomainname

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