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How to Install MongoDB on CentOS and cPanel

MongoDB is one of those technologies that you should be paying attention to because it’s changing the way that developers interact with databases. MongoDB is officially a “NoSQL” database. Thanks to its architecture and BSON structure, it can scale more easily than other popular database servers like MySQL. MongoDB helps you to integrate database information into your apps easier and faster. That’s …

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Install eAccelerator on cPanel Server – Command line

What is eAccelerator ? Yes, before going directly to the installation steps, you must have an idea about eAccelerator. As the name indicates, it’s an accelerator for PHP scripts/files on your website. It’s an open source software which is used to increase the loading speed of PHP pages. eAccelerator is a PHP accelerator derived from the MMCache extension for the …

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Running PPTP VPN with CSF firewall

Most of the time pptp vpn doesnt work with csf firewall. Here is the guide to make it working. 1) type the following command: nano /etc/csf/csfpre.sh 2) Put the following into the file: iptables -A INPUT -i venet0 -p tcp --dport 1723 -j ACCEPT iptables -A INPUT -i venet0 -p gre -j ACCEPT iptables -A OUTPUT -p gre -j ACCEPT …

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How to install Nagios on CentOS 5 or 6

Introduction This guide is intended to provide you with simple instructions on how to install Nagios from source (code) on CentOS and have it monitoring your local machine inside of 20 minutes. No advanced installation options are discussed here – just the basics that will work for 95% of users who want to get started. These instructions were written based …

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Install Ruby on Rails in cPanel/WHM

The installation of Ruby on Rails in cPanel has two parts, first is installing Ruby itself, which can be accomplished by running: [code]/scripts/installruby[/code] This script will install Ruby, RubyGems, Mongrel and the software that Ruby relies upon and activates the Ruby interface in your end user’s cPanel. The second step in the installation is running. [code]/usr/local/cpanel/bin/ror_setup[/code] This script will setup …

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How To Monitor Remote Linux Host using Nagios

In the previous post How to install Nagios on CentOS 5 or 6 , I explained the overview, installation and configuration of Nagios 3.0 on a CentOS Server. In the following three chapters, I’ll explain how to monitor a remote Linux host and the various services running on the remote host.  Also, please refer to all our Nagios articles. I. Overview II. 6 …

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