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WHM/Cpanel Increase The Size Of /tmp (/usr/tmpDSK) Partition

You may have noticed that cPanel’s default partition size for /tmp is 512 MB, which in some cases can be way too small. And sometime you probably get this report email: Drive Critical: /usr/tmpDSK (/tmp) is 100% full Although cPanel automatically deletes the unused files, the /tmp would be getting full very quickly on a busy server. The /tmp partition …

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Install nginx as reverse proxy in cPanel

The web-hosting control panel’s default web-server is Apache. cPanel/WHM doesn’t have native support on Nginx, but we can install and configure it so that it will improve the server performance. Why run Apache and Nginx together? Is there any advantage by using Nginx as reverse proxy on Cpanel? Both Apache and Nginx are powerful and effective web-servers. Apache is the topmost webserver …

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